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In any Co operative Housing Society, it is the responsibility of the committee members to ensure that they keep their building and surroundings pest free.

To begin with you can get the Termite Control treatment for the entire building done including all the flats (warranty). Often, this treatment is done only for the common areas like external perimeter, staircase, and passage. The most important place to be treated are the flats which are excluded. We do not recommend this because termites attack cellulose, which is present in materials like paper, cloth, and wood which is found inside the flats. Getting only the external perimeter treatment will not free the building of termites.

Secondly the members can get the cockroach treatment done for manholes & rat treatment for the compound area. The kinds of cockroaches which breed inside the man holes are different from the cockroaches which dwell inside the flats. Flats have to be treated separately. A combined contract for all the flats works out to be super economical as you can save at least 30% of the total cost.

Lastly we are also aware of the nuisance caused and diseases spread by mosquitoes. The infestation of mosquitoes can only be reduced by doing fogging treatment on a regular basis in the compound area. All the treatments relevant for societies are described as follows.

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