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Food & Beverages

The food processing industry has high standards when it comes to pest management; more importantly, so do your customers. That means providing your customers with safe, untainted products. One infestation or a poor audit score may drive customers away for good, no matter how well the food is produced or packaged. Pest India Management understands this. We recognize your pest management needs are critical to the success of your organization and require a technically-superior approach and expertise.

Provide your facilities with a sophisticated account pest management program

Protect your reputation and brand

Food safety and security

Meets accredited industry standards and best practices

Presents itself as an inherently food-safe service and/or contributing to food safety.

Health Care

At Truly, we deliver the highest level of quality service in health care facilities and take pride in protecting your facility from unwanted and potentially threatening pests. With extra special attention to the needs of your patients, Truly has developed a pest management program that delivers effective solutions for health care industry pest management issues and includes specific treatment protocols.

The presence of pests in healthcare industry is extremely hazardous. Hence, Pest India Management provides extra care and attention.


We recognise the important role of pest control in ensuring that pharmaceutical manufacturers can exceed the most stringent regulatory requirements for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. We can think of two words that you must demand when choosing a Pest Management Professional company to provide the best possible service to your facility:

Experience and Expertise!

Develop a custom program.


No matter what you are dealing with – wires, clothes or shoes, as a retailer, protecting them from pests should be your top-priority. To ensure that your customers get the best shopping experience, you have to begin by making your store a clean and comfortable place to shop in. For this purpose, pest control becomes extremely important for successfully managing a retail outlet.

We know pest problems can disrupt the smooth functioning of your retail establishment.

Any kind of exposure of insects and rats can damage your stock sand pose health hazards for your employees and customers. Both these things can adversely affect your profits and goodwill.

IT, ITES & Office Spaces

Flexible working hours and shifts with the to and employees give easy access to the pests like cockroaches & rodents. Cockroaches feed on the food particles left unnoticed due to the habit of snacking at work desks whereas Rodents have a knack of nibbling into anything they can get their teeth into. In case your cables and wires fall prey to these little menaces, that could further be detrimental to your business. Chewed cables can also spark off short circuits and fires.

Our services are not invasive and we can conduct them even when your employees are at work.

Our certified servicemen are well-trained to provide customized solutions to your pest problems.

Due to the presence of local technicians, you can be worry-free whether you have enrolled for a complete service plan or are looking to tackle a one-off pest problem.


Proactive and preventive pest control is important for Hospitality, hotels. Not only because Hospitality, hotels are more vulnerable to pest threats, but also because of the impact pest infestations can have on the reputation of your Hospitality and hotel. Hospitality are under a greater risk of pest infestation, due to multiple entry points.

Pest like rats are capable of causing serious damage to buildings, destruction of insulation, electrical fires and more such structural damage to property.

Businesses can incur losses due to the energy loss that comes from buildings that are damaged by rodents.

Pest infestations can even result in closure of the business if the pest infestation increases.

dverse publicity and litigation can be even more costly in terms of relationships and future business.

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